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Previous Entry take a lesson from these autumn leaves.. Apr. 26th, 2006 @ 12:24 pm Next Entry
It's bizarre sometimes the way things work out. Take the way people enter and exit your life. Everyone's there for a purpose. Sometimes they stay awhile. Sometimes they stay awhile longer. Sometimes you lose track of people because it's for the best at the time. Sometimes you look back and wonder how they're doing, wonder if they're okay and where they are. But you never really expect to see them again.

I knew this girl two years ago. I was a wreck. She wasn't done trying to destroy herself. I ditched her, only to spend two years wondering about her. I never honestly expected to see her again. I didn't even really know if she was alive. But I always felt it wasn't fair. It wasn't a fair situation. We didn't have a fair chance. Things look much more promising this time. We'll see what happens.
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