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my best friend's wedding. - Under A Winter Sun

About my best friend's wedding.

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hahahaha wanna see me in a dress? i can't copy the pictures (you can buy them but not copy them to the computer), so until someone has them on myspace or something they're only viewable here:

terrihood.photoreflect.com -

it's in recent photos, under Linker and Carl. unfortunately you have to scan through all the pictures to find me, and most of them are of people you wouldn't know. but i'm in a purple dress!

i was the last bridesmaid to get my hair done (so it was taken from pigtail braids and fastened up in .5 seconds), everything was rushed so much, i was so tired and so not feeling well.. and i look like crap. =o(    but my friend pixie was an absolutely stunning bride! and i wore a purple dress!

and.. now i don't have to dread that weekend ever again!
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Date:November 15th, 2010 11:29 am (UTC)
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